Rosie Moore had a premature baby born at 1lb and 10 oz, only 27 weeks old.  He was born 13 weeks early.  He was in the neonatal intensive care unit for 5 months.  During the time they were there, they did not have support of anyone other than the staff.  They were great but they could not feel what Rosie Moore was feeling because they were the healthcare givers for her son.  You rarely saw any parents except in passing because they were focused on their own child and set of problems. 


 From that moment on, Rosie knew that one day she was going to help other moms and dads.  She is reaching out to parents through her book A Story of Faith and is hopeful that it will become a movie one day.  But today The Gift of Life, a 501c3 organization if helping parents of premature babies through raising awareness, providing resources to help parents cope with the unexpected birth of their child.